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The benefits of equine physiotherapy to enhance your horse's performances
Séance de kinésithérapie Séance de kinésithérapie Séance de kinésithérapie Séance de kinésithérapie Séance de kinésithérapie Séance de kinésithérapie Séance de kinésithérapie

Any sports horse needs thorough and accurate training methods to fit the needs of the discipline it compets in, just like a human athlete does.

The aim of such training is to activate and strenghten its joints, articulations and main muscle groups to maximise his performance.

The toxic residues that are naturally produced during an effort can lead to some more or less severe pathologies (exertion pain, muscle strain, tying up...) if they are not naturally evacuated out of the horses body via his drainers (kidney, liver...).

The benefits of an equine massage allows these residues to be evacuated towards these drainers that will then dispose of them naturally. The treatment allows the muscles layers to fonction smoothly, thus recovering optimum motion capacity.

This massage also speeds up the recovery of a horse's full muscle power, by reducing the time it takes to heal from the small scaring caused by the breakage of muscle cells that naturally occur in a effort.

Since 1997, some main veterinarians and institutes have scientifically proven the benefits of equine sports massage (Dr Benoit, Dr Corde...). They found that the equine sports massage increases the blood flow of the treated area, draining any bruising caused by exertion pains.

This also increases the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the muscles, enhancing the recovery capacities to a maximum.

Photos de l'équipement Equiperf

The studies both in the field and in clinics have shown that sports horse massage :

  • Provides optimum fitness
  • Limits back and muscles pathologies
  • Provides freer spinal movements
  • Helps to gain scope and power for showjumpers
  • Optimises wind fitness
  • Provides stronger, symétrical strides and better coordination
  • Horses that are more souple, free movements, looser paces
  • Any heat caused by local inflammations will disappear
  • whilst competing, a quicker recovery, less stress and a lower heart rate.

The massage devices that we use have evolved through the years and the EQUIPERF machine, created in 2002, uses ultrasound technology allowing its vibrations to reach the deeper muscle tissues through a “micro-massage”.

A massage session is :

45 to 60 minutes long
  • Collection of all information regarding the horse to be treated
  • Physical examination, feeling the strained areas of its body
  • Equiperf Massage : massage of these strained areas, relieving muscle tension
  • Stretching of the horse's body (shoulders, neck, flexion of the loin to pelvis area)
  • Conclusive written summary of the session.